the sun playing in pine boughs, casting stories across the snow.

when the gum-snapping, cigarette-stenched person on the treadmill next to me aborted mission to move elsewhere. (i do hope the 40 minutes of chomping at 3.0 miles an hour is part of the smoking cessation program,. that was me, once.)

what the world looks like through new, updated prescription, glasses.

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time to listen, deeply, and identify what i wish to let go of.

the beautiful, warm and welcoming smiles of all the vendors at the charlottetown farmers market.

brilliant early morning skies, with crisp white stars in a velvet black beyond. the bonus to incredibly frigid temperatures.

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the sizzle of bacon, footsteps on the stairs, gentle throat clearing. the sounds of a love moving about the house. in the midst of my work i pause, allowing the sounds to fill the spaces between the molecules defined as me. a plumper, more full, bursting kind of me.

a really, really good moisturizer on my shins.

carpooling with him.


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pithy words put to deeply profound concepts

the cheekiness of a squirrel who has has been stuffing her winter stash in our porch

cat chat


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an ellipsis of pudgy round birds on a wire

the release of the fearpanic that grips my heart just at the moment my legs become weightless in the not-yet-achieved headstand

a rusty carpet of heavily-scented clotted pine needles explored with my toes


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that feeling, when you are right on the edge, the very cusp, of creating something exciting, fresh, valuable, needed.

epsom salts baths.

feeling the softening of people’s hearts when they are stressed and distressed and in a moment of clarity and mindfulness they recognize their humanity in each other’s eyes.

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the smells of fall, of leaves brightly decaying, apples hanging in hard colours from branches and acrid early morning wood smoke.

a fun friday evening out with a crew of crazed exercisers. each one of them a true wonder.

the burbling yurbling music of a cat in heat.

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deep dark green moss, creeping deeply into the edges of the driveway. delightfully cool and damp, indescribably soft beneath my feet, bringing me into the very moment, as i bring too long lived cucumber to the compost bin.

double under success for a pleased-as-punch friend.

standing under an expanse of velvet black sky lit with the sparks of irrepressible stars, believing in yourself as you prepare to run, prepare to push, hard, and indeed find you are everything, and more, than you anticipated when the alarm clanged unkindly in a it-must-still-be-last-night morning.

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home made apple sauce. gifted.

exciting job opportunities blossoming before me. i love my job. i love how it leads me exactly where i need to be. oh, that’s my life. my work. my life. la même chose.

social media outlets, where i can be loud, brash, loquacious. and home, where i can hermit.


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the open-hearted tentativeness of a budding facebook friendship with a doppelganger.

punch-buggy gaming with the youngest of 2sisters and him.

colours reflected from clouds. transfixed by the ever-shifting hues, the blooming shapes and shades, the nimble shadows. astonishing beauty which swells in my chest and catches in the back of my throat.

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