Inspired, as so many have been, by the original Three Beautiful Things blog (found, by the way, through John Naish’s book Enough), and by a desire to live a simpler, more grateful life, I invited my daughters to share with me in our own blog of gratitude. Here you will find the things in which we take pleasure; an effort to appreciate the daily things that we too often take for granted or allow to pass without reflection. Happiness is contagious , it is also self-perpetuating! Please, read along as we appreciate our worlds anew; we’d love to read your comments and contributions.

The February 2010 banner picture was taken January 31, 2010 at Vernon River, PE.  It was a stunning sunset.

The January 2010 banner picture was taken December 31, 2009 at Sullivan’s Hole, PE.  The Queen Anne’s Lace overwinters so beautifully.

The November 2009 banner picture is of the Montague River, PE.  The shot was taken in April, 2009.

The October 2009 banner picture was taken just days ago at the beautiful Ben’s Lake, PE.

The September 2009 banner picture was taken last month.  My feet and the Atlantic Ocean at Campbell’s Cove, PE.

The August 2009 banner picture is a beautiful clematis which climbs faithfully up the side of my house despite abject neglect.

The July 2009 banner picture is the largest resident hosta beside the backdoor.

The June 2009 banner picture was taken by Choyce, the youngest of 2sisters, in our yard on May 30, 2009.  All the lilac bushes are abud and soon to burst into something absolutely scentsational.

The May 2009 banner picture was taken in Marrakech, Morocco in 2008.  The busy new city streets are lined with orange trees.  The youngest of the 2sisters snapped this photo as we strolled one hot afternoon.

The April 2009 banner picture was taken in Fundy National Park, New Brunswick.  The park has some great hiking trails and we enjoyed many of them on a short camping holiday there in 2008.

The March 2009 banner picture is a beautiful February sunset taken from my backdoor on the 11th of last month.

The February 2009 banner picture was taken on Koh Lanta Yai, an island off the south coast of Thailand in 2006.  It is a small, peaceful island where the population is largely Muslim.  There is a Chao Leh village here — nomadic Sea Gypsies. The photo features one of the Chao Leh boats, which they elaborately festoon with colourful ribbons; it is taken along the shore of their community on the southern coast Koh Lanta.

The January 2009 banner picture was taken in my front yard after the March 2008 ice storm.

The December 2008 banner picture is a shot I took of the lagoon in Oualidia, on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, in 2008. It is a great place to kick back, eat paella, and enjoy the company in which you find yourself.

The November 2008 banner picture is a shot I took of Panmure Beach in 2007. The beach is on the Atlantic Ocean side of a causeway which attaches Panmure Island to Prince Edward Island in Eastern Canada. That is the Panmure Island lighthouse in the distance –PEI’s oldest wooden lighthouse.